My Professional Background

My name is Glori Gylsson. My family call me 'GG' or 'Glam Gran' because I am a 55-year-old granny! The Glam bit is because at one time I had a glamorous life as a model. One of the highlights of my career was appearing in the titles of a James Bond Movie, ‘A View To A Kill’.


I moved from modelling into fitness and became the face of the Cosmopolitan Fitness Videos in the 90’s. I hung up my leotard after ten years in fitness, and retrained in the world of psychology and started practising Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypno-psychotherapy, ThoughtField Therapy, Spiritual Healing, Yoga and Coaching. Previously known as Gloria Thomas, I went on to write six books on mind-body wellness and spent a further 11 years in clinical practice at London’s premier integrative health centre in the heart of Soho: ‘The Third Space Medicine’.  I was part of a team of highly qualified integrative health professionals offering holistic solutions for our clients' health and wellbeing.

My Personal Story

My blueprint for wellness across all generations is defined as having everyday optimum vigour and energy; I have identified vitality as the force within each one of us that offers the potential to experience perfect health for a longer happier life!


However, to come to this understanding, I went through a period of having low vitality levels as I transitioned through mid-life, in crisis.  Life became a daily battle with multiple problems; both physically and psychologically. These issues were serious enough to have to take time out to heal and recover.  On a psychological level, I faced the intensely emotional events of losing people I loved to illness and ultimately death; children leaving home; caring for the sick and elderly; moving house and finally moving country. Physically, I developed a complex set of health issues related to my genes and menopause such as my liver’s inability to detox, poor methylation pathways, an autoimmune condition and chronic hormonal imbalance. Metabolic madness took over my body depleting me of my energy and vitality.


I have combined my previous experience in integrative health with seeing some of the top practitioners in nutritional, naturopathic and energy medicine.  After some years and spending a lot of money, that happy state of energy and vigour has returned again.


 You do not realise the extent of what is missing until you have found it again!

And finally

I am thrilled to be in the next phase of my life.  Not only do I have a fabulous son and beautiful daughter in law; I have become a grandmother to a beautiful little girl.  Also after having embarked on my health journey, my genuine interest in wellness, human potential and longevity has led me to a place where I realise that, with my skills, I can make a contribution to people’s lives. I strive to do so through coaching and mentoring and delivering online programmes showing others how to have optimum vitality, how to sustain that energy and how to distribute in their lives!


I would love you to join my online community to engage with me to receive the latest news about how to optimise your vitality levels.


Email me for a bespoke one-on-one session. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lou Lebentz

Sugar and Obesity Expert inspirational speaker

and online trainer

Dominic Houston

Reiki Teacher and Author

“Glori G. Gylsson is one of the world’s leading experts on “vitality"

having spent a lifetime studying and working in the health and

fitness fields at the very highest level. Glori's dedication and

commitment as both an extraordinary healer and a visionary

teacher are totally inspirational. She offers her clients an absolute

wealth of wisdom and a deep and genuine compassion.

Her skills have been developed and honed by a lifelong passion

Glori has towards her own and other people’s evolution and

growth in all areas, but particularly those about health and total

wellbeing. I cannot recommend her highly enough; she is one

in a million and a true gem.”

“I worked with Glori over a period of 2 years and were so grateful

that, serendipitously, our paths crossed. I was lost and in great

pain at that time and did not know what to do about it. Glori's

compassionate approach helped me enormously, empowering me

to take responsibility for my own healing and creating my own

path to happiness. I will always be very grateful for the help she

gave me.”

Phillippa Hardman

Managing Director (RCH) Raw Corporate Health

“Glori brings a unique and highly advanced holistic perspective to

people’s health and wellbeing from a very broad toolbox. She has

transformed my life!  I have worked with her on and off over the

20 years; I have known her.  I am healthy and happy, I have more

energy than I thought possible and look the best I have ever looked

at 53! My business is also in the best shape it has ever been.


I cannot thank her enough for the faith she put in me and what she

has enabled me to do. I will continue to work with her both on a

personal level and professional level, I just love feeling happy,

 healthy and energised, everything else just becomes easier to

handle and work out.ᅠ”

Michael Kaufmann

Former Colleague, Author, reiki master,

meditation teacher, masterpractitiner NLP

and Hypnotherapy

“I've had the pleasure of knowing Glori G. Gylsson for 18 years.

In that time, she has proved to be one of the most passionate

practitioners of wellness and human potential. I've always found

her commitment to well-being as well as her personal and

professional integrity are deeply inspiring.”

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